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    Expanding Portal rows?



      Expanding Portal rows?


      Is there a way in file maker to expand and shrink portal rows - I am displaying tour descriptions on my portal and I want to be able to display the short descriptions only but in the event someone is interested in more details then have them click a "+" for expand and the portal row to open and show me the full description.


      Keep in mind my short description and long description are two different fields in the tours table. 


      Thanks in advance



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             No, but you could use the Show Custom Dialog script step to pop up a small window with the detailed info. This pop up would float in front of your layout until the user clicks a button to close it.
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            Can you explain how to do this?



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              In your script:


              1. Select Show Custom Dialog from the Miscellaneous Group.
              2. Click Specify...
              3. Give the dialog box a title or leave the title blank.
              4. Click the Specify button to the right of the Message box.
              5. You should now see a familiar specify calculation dialog box.
              6. Select the TableOccurrence for your portal from the drop down menu at the top.
              7. Locate your detail field and double-click it to put "Tablename::Fieldname" into the bottom box.
              8. Click OK.
              9. Delete "cancel" from button 2 so that you'll have just one button "OK" appearing in your custom dialog.
              10. Save your script.


              Now add a button to your portal or define a field in the portal as a button and set it to perform the above script.