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Expanding text boxes for printing

Question asked by appt on Aug 11, 2014
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Expanding text boxes for printing


     I may be missing something obvious here but here goes.

     Client has a form that has a text box. Sometimes they put very little in the text box, other times quite a lot.

     The text box on the form has a vertical slider so they can add as much text as they like.

     However, I then have a printable version of the form which is where the problems begin.

     I can create the form so that everything slides up if there is very little text in the box (if I need that functionality) but I can find no way to to do the opposite.

     If I set a field either as a non-browsable text field or as a merge field I still have the same issue, if they have written a lot and the box size is not big enough they lose text when printing.

     Obviously I could make the boxes huge, but that is not a very elegant solution and besides, how huge is huge enough?!

     So did I miss a setting and if not how do other cope with this issue?