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    expanding text objects or field objects



      expanding text objects or field objects


      is there a way to expand and slide text object that have merge fields in them.



      field name- description

      field notes- this field holds a description of the product


      some descriptions of products are longer then others.

      So, i would like the merge field of description to expand and retract when more or less information is in present in the field.

      I would also like to have the fields slide into empty spaces or slide out of the way of when the description is relatively shorter or longer. 

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          In filemaker 10 and older versions of filemaker you can set your merge text to shrink but not to expand. Check out the Set Sliding/Printing option in the Format menu. (Enter layout mode first.)


          Sliding fields can be tricky. All objects next to or below a sliding object should also be set to slide up.

          Sliding is only visible in preview mode or when printing.


          Anybody check this out in FMP 11? (I'm guessing it's unchanged.)