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Expecting instant update, but doesn't...

Question asked by symbister on Apr 14, 2014
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Expecting instant update, but doesn't...



     I have one central table 'picacontax', with two TO's - Similars and Similar_Organisations (idea purloined from starter Email Campaign Management) so that a contact's record has a portal to Similars, listing others from same organisation, but excluding that contact.

     In picacontax, I count the number of contacts who receive our newsletter (PICAGuide = Yes), using a calc field:

     Count ( similar_organisation::PICA_Guide )

     so that I can display on the contacts record how many Guides are sent to that org.

     OK, but if I change the PICA_guide tag on the contact's record, the portal row doesn't update instantly, have to exit the record and come back to it to see the effect. I've tried a Commit records trigger in the PICA_guide field on the record, but it seems that I should try and commit records in the other TO's somehow?

     I hope I've explained this clearly enough .... screenshots herewith..