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    Expire Login



      Expire Login


           Is there a way that I can create something that will allow me to send a FM database to someone that will expire after 30 days?  I want to be able to send them a beta version of something I am working on and want to be able to control how long it is used.


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               You could set up the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger in FileOptions to perform a script that checks Get ( CurrentDate ) to determine whether or not to display a custom dialog telling the user that their time is up and close the database file.

               But note that a user can "spoof" this by resetting their computer's clock back to an earlier date.

               Since computers tend to do weird things when their system clock is set back to the wrong date, that may not be a major concern, but you could also set up such a script to increment a counter and close the file after it has been opened a specified number of times.