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    Explanation of Filemaker 13 Feature



      Explanation of Filemaker 13 Feature


      I've been thinking of upgrading to Filemaker 13 Advanced. Most of the new features I wouldn't use, but one new feature has caught my attention. According to the Filemaker website it reads as follows;


      • HTTP Post: Use HTTPPOST with the “Insert from URL” or “Import Records: XML Data Source” commands to transfer data to a web server or web form.


      Could someone please give some examples of how this feature would be used? Could I make a database and have this feature go to a website and show it's data on my database form?



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          There is a few different way to use web data on your form.  Insert from URL  could be used to insert a photo or PDF into a container.
          Insert From URL [No dialog; Sales::Report; “http://www.filemaker.com/sales_report.pdf”]

          I have used Insert from URL to insert html in a text field from www.usps.com  then I filter the information I need to retrieve the mailing address from the USPS website.  I didn't have to use HTTPPOST to sent the address nor to get the mailing address returned.

          HTTPPOST would be to sent a request and HTTPGET would be used to receive a request.  I haven't had a need to use this because usually the URL on a website such as google maps or USPS will sent the information when you sent a address.  The contacts starter solution show example of using the URL to google maps.