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Exploring FMP; Some questions

Question asked by Bauke on Apr 17, 2009
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Exploring FMP; Some questions




I have an input form wich should update (insert) 2 records in the same table. The first four fields are the same for both records, the following fields are not. 

Browsing through the records goes fine except that I get the same records twice where the 'following fields' are switched. With a 'distinct' that would be over. How do I limit the records in my layout with 'distinct ( w_wnr)?


And how do I save the inputform to two records. The first four filed I mean, should go into two records.


Some screenshots (relation and inputform)




Thanks in advance!




PS. I'm migrating from MySQL to FMP. In MySQL I had in a table wedstrijden one records for every wedstrijd. And a view that made a table where very wedstrijd had two records (one for every player). In FMP I'm trying to get both working. So I have two .fp7 files with different wedstrijden tables. I have asked some question before on this forum and some people might think I'm trying to confuse them. I'm not! It just are two solutions I'm trying out.