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Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 1, 2013
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Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts


     I've been playing with an "exploration file" that helps Novice developers better understand how to work with file paths, containers and the many script steps that can use a $Path variable to access or create a different file at a different location each time that the script is performed.

     I created a .fp7 version for FileMaker 11 and earlier users. Then I converted it to .fmp12 format and added a bit more to it for exploring the external storage and "interactive optimization" data format features newly added with FileMaker 12.

     The download link downloads a zip file containing both versions of this file. You can download and then extract the file from the zip archive to use it.

     The file is fully unlocked, you can easily examine the scripts in the file to find examples of how a $Path variable may be used and there are a number of calculation fields that can extract file names and file and/or folder paths from a container field after a file has been inserted into it.

     You can also use this file to capture a valid file path to an existing file or folder on your computer for use in your own set variable script step for setting up your $Path variable. You can insert a file into a container field in the file and then copy and paste from one of the special calculation fields provided for that purpose. Syntax examples for combining the file path to such a folder with either a literal file name or one calculated from fields in your database have also been provided.

     A special thanks to Jim Gurley for reviewing the file on a Mac system and for offering a number of helpful suggestions for improving this file.

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