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    Export 100+ Records to Excel



      Export 100+ Records to Excel


      We’re using FM Pro 11 to improve our process of maintaining product data for an online catalog.  We have 100+ data points that we track over four different product groups.  We need to export the data to Excel for verification, then convert to CSV for upload.  I need all of the data points on one worksheet in a specific order to upload correctly to our catalog, though all the data points are not used for all products.  Since FM Pro has an export limit, I’ve split my data (for export) into two tables.  I’m trying to write a script to export data from two tables onto one worksheet, having the second table’s data fill in where the first table left off (one row per record).  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I’m relatively new to FM Pro and have been struggling with this for a couple of days now.  Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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          You shoudn't need two separate tables just for exporting. You can export different found sets from the same table or different sets of fields from the same table.

          100+ plus records should not encounter such a limit with FileMaker. 100,000+, would, I believe.

          Note that once you've exported to Excel in segments, you should be able to import from the second file into the first to merge them--provided that Excel can handle that many rows of data. (I could easily be wrong, but when I made mass exports to Excel, it seemed like the limitation was with Excel rather than FileMaker.)

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             Hi, PhilModJunk-

            Thanks for the prompt response.  I mis-stated my issue, though.  It wasn't 100+ records we're trying to export, it's 100+ fields (I know ... world of difference).  If push comes to shove, I can always export to two Excel files and merge them, but thought it would be easier if there is a way to export two FM Pro tables into one Excel worksheet (100+ fields/columns).  We're not in danger of exceeding Excel limits with our data, so that's not a concern.  Hope that helps.

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              You still do not need two tables as far as I know as you can export the data twice, once for two different sets of fields, but if Filemaker will not export all the columns of data in one go (that's not a limitation that I was aware of), I know of no way to export multiple sets of data into one file as the export creates a new excel file with each export.

              Hmmm, anyone know if Excel can access data in FileMaker via ODBC? Might be a better option here.