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    Export as CSV and escaped quotes



      Export as CSV and escaped quotes


      Item: double quote in field content.

      Does anyone know how to deal with the fact that Filemaker will export quoted data by adding an additional quote regardless of whether you escape the quote  with a backslash or not. I've gotten the exact same results in FMP9 and trial 11

      Example: (in text field - fields are enclosed in double quotes [omitted here])

      8-12" CAT-safe  will export in CSV as 8-12"" CAT-safe

      8-12\" CAT-safe will export in CSV as 8-12\"" CAT-safe

      Thus it is particularly useless for importing into MySQL tables as the field count will fail and the import will terminate. At the moment I am forced to do a global search and replace in Homesite 5 to remove the extra quote. Kind of time consuming when dealing with a 1500 record table.

      Any suggestions most welcome.