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    Export Automation Possible?



      Export Automation Possible?


      Looking for an automated way to export all my filemaker tables into spreadsheets...any plugins, methods, suggestions, ideas are VERY welcome.

      I have lots and lots of tables and fields and I need to make a LAMP version of this FMP solution. Would prefer to have a way to spit out all my tables in spreadsheets so i can easily convert to mySQL.

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          Data fields are easy, but don't see how you can export any needed calculation fields as calculations--only their current values as data.

          Do you just need the data?

          Exporting each table to a separate Excel file is acceptable?

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            Actually I just need the table structures. This particular solution has a ton of tables and I would prefer to be able to spit out all the spreadsheet versions of the tables in one fell swoop...if possible at all. No data to transfer, completely empty solution, just making a mySQL/PHP version that will match the original FMP versions written for Mac and Windows.

            If I can dump all the table structures to a spreadsheet, then I have a way to batch compile the SQL database and all the base queries in minutes, a real time saver so I can spend valuable time on scripting and developing the code to support it (replacing FMP scripts and calculations).

            I may be pipe dreaming here, but I am hoping someone has a way to do this...would be an excellent feature to add to FMP if you ask me. Exporting one table at a time is useless to me...

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              Possible answer to my delima?


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