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    Export container field - security risk?



      Export container field - security risk?


      Hi folks,

      I need to store some files within a container field on my companies FM Pro 11 database. However, to enable everyone to be able to view these files (without creating a reference which i don't want to do), I need to allow them the ability to export.

      However, I'd like to be able to configure it so they can only export a document from this particular field and not be able to export ALL data (ie, 5000+ clients contact details).

      Is this possible?

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          Set their Privilege Set, in File, Manage, Security... to not allow Export. Then create a script for exporting this field. Check the "[x] Run script with full access privileges," at the bottom left of the script window. (They also need access to this script.)

          If they only need to View/Print at this time, you can calculate a file path to the users' temporary folder, using the Get (TemporaryPath) function. Put the resulting path into a script Variable, with the proper prefix. Then use that for an Export Field Contents path. Check the option to [x] Automatically open file. So they'd have the file to view or print, but would not see it anywhere (unless they Saved it somewhere else); they wouldn't need to trash it after using, as the temporary folder takes care of that. It could be a fixed file name, so each Export overwrites the previous one. 

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            Fenton, thanks for that - certainly sounds like it'll do the job.

            This is the script i've got now:

            Set Variable [$temppath; Value: Get (TemporaryPath)]

            Export Field Contents [Candidate::CVContainer; "$temppath"; Automatically open]

            It doesn't actually do anything though. I think I've probably made an error in the 'Specify Output File' box by simply putting the variable in and nothing else, I'm not really sure what else I'd need though?

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              Ahah, google is my friend.

              I've added a getastext (containerfield) variable and then added this to the $temppath variable and it works fine. :D