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    Export Data via Web Access



      Export Data via Web Access


           I am completely new to FM pro, so please excuse me if I sound stupid. I have FM pro running on Mac and the users access it via web. Some of the users want to download the data into a spreadsheet, but I dont see any option to export it. Could some one please tell me how I can do this?


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               It's not something that is really possible to do from Instant Web Publishing. Closest option I can think of is that you add a table where the users fill in a "request form" where they specify their email address and the criteria identifying the data they want to export. Then a script from the host computer, one performed on a regular schedule (every day, every hour? or ???) set up on the host machine uses the data entered in this "request" table to find the records and then emails a tab, csv or excel file as an attachment to the person requesting the data.

               Note that this takes quite a bit of design work and scripting to pull off.

               How you schedule such a script to run on regular intervals will depend on whether you host your databas with FileMaker Server Advanced or just FileMaker Pro.

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                 Export the data on a daily (hourly) basis to a location available to users?  SImple and sorta foolish proof.

                 If there is no need to export user specific records.