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    Export Excel



      Export Excel



           I am FileMaker developer we are using FM12 database for various reporting purpose to export as excel .Already we have running report in FM DB using PHP plugin for a formatting and multiple sheets within a workbook.Now we trying to export to excel without PHP Plugins and other third party plugins.

           Is it possible FM13 ?

           Please help me if you have any idea...



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               This is possible in any version of FileMaker for certain types of exports. Both Export Records and Save Records as Excel can produce an excel file of exported data with no plug in needed. 13, however, will not export to the .xls format, only the .xslx format used with newer versions.

               But perhaps you are trying to export data to an existing Excel file and that cannot be done directly with just FileMaker.

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            Hello Phil, Thanks for the response. Its really useful.

                 My issues in export as excel reports are,


                 1. Unable to format the header - bold, coloring, bordering

                 2. Unable to extract as multiple sheets in excel workbook. I have tried various ways, it only comes as single sheet in workbook and no way of getting multiple sheets reports

                 3. Unable to get Subtotal from the function as we use to get in MS Excel

                 Please see attached sample excel output which I am looking from FM DB.

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                   That would explain why you needed the plug in as these are not features of a standard export records operation in FileMaker. What some other developers have reported doing is setting up a Macro in Excel that imports data from another excel file--the one created by the export from Excel. They then exported the data to a different excel file and then ran the Macro to pull it into the final excel file.

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                     Hi Phil,

                     Thanks for your replay .

                     I m trying to implement  for that solution if i have any doubts i am get back you.