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    export Excel with formulas



      export Excel with formulas


      Hi all,

      Wonderful if anyone has ever done an excel export or save as that included fields with excel formulas

      I create text fields with simple excel formulas in filemaker BUT


      but they open up in excel as literal text and can't be 'formated' as an actual forumla in Excel ..



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          I had some success with exporting the fields as text and on importing them to Excel I made the field de-limiter the ' " ' that normally specifies to Excel that it is to be treated as text.  I successfully imported two records whose single-field contents were



          Excel then saw both as calculations.

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            thanks Sorbsbuster,

            but I really want to aviod an export/import - I want to save as excel or export as excel .... - I am sending excel files to folks that don't even know how to create calc fields IN excel.

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              I'm trying to think why it is easier for you to create Excel calculations in a text field in Filemaker, then export the records in Excel format, to turn them into an Excel sheet.  Please - why would it not be easier to just create an Excel sheet...?

              You could create a Filemaker script that exports the field data as a text file and opens up an Excel sheet, and then in the Excel sheet have a macro that runs on opening, imports the data (and does any messing around with it that you would want) and saves itself.

              Filemaker could then e-mail the Excel sheet to your colleagues, if you want.  All of that could be one click of a button.