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Export Field Contents - Send Mail - Note to Filemaker Users

Question asked by casey777 on Sep 7, 2009


Export Field Contents - Send Mail - Note to Filemaker Users


In the Filemaker 10 Training Series there is an additional tip for using Export Field Contents to 'clean up after yourself' by removing the PDF email attachment as created in example 6.7.2. There should be a note for this script step when using your Email Client.


As in the Series example, using the SMTP Server to send the email with the attachment, the Export Field Contents script line can be utilized immediately after the Send Mail, but using the same script example and selecting Email Client instead of SMTP Server, there needs to be a slight pause after Send Mail or otherwise the attachment is erased before the Email Client can grab it especially depending of the processor speed of your computer. To correct the problem which will not show up as an error, insert a several seconds pause after Send Mail and before Export Field Contents.


Frank Miller, Filemaker Developer