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Export Field Contents Gives "Container fields cannot be exported" error

Question asked by sarahs on Jun 9, 2010
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Export Field Contents Gives "Container fields cannot be exported" error


I'm running Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 on Windows Vista and have created a file that imports containers from a multi-file filemaker solution that has been in use back to Filemaker 2 by thousands of different sites into one FM 11 file, separates containers into saved by reference and embedded images, uses the "Export Field Contents" command to export the embedded images out of Filemaker as image files, saves the path each is exported to, then exports a MER file with the file path for all images to be processed by our new image storage solution. These container fields will have been linked or embedded in FM 3, FM 4, FM 6 by and large. Our customers cannot simply lose these links - these are medical records and there are severe legal reprecussions if we cannot keep them intact.


However, I have run into the following issue while testing one of our beta client's system - 36 out of 120 of the embedded images out of 130,000 total images give the error "Container fields cannot be exported". This error cannot be trapped and has no error code (really, Filemaker?? why do you kill me like this??).  Therefore, I cannot even automatically record into a log file what fields have failed to export successfully.


When I manually right click on one of these 36 images, the Export Field Contents option is greyed out. Yet, a calc field IsEmbedded (=Length(Image Container) shows a size of 5602522 and the container shows a document image and what I suspect is the first page of a PDF. When I right click the options available are "Open Linked Acrobat Document" and "Open Bitmap".  If I try either of these options, I get the error message "This action cannot be completed because the selected link's source is presently unavailable." If I pick links, it shows a window "Links" where I can Open Source, Change Source, Update Now, or Break Link. Yet, the calculations GetValue(Image Container; 2) is blank and GetAsText(Image Container) shows only a "?".  How do I get the path shown in that "Links" window automatically, so I can pass it to a field and export the path out of Filemaker?? 


Note: I'm an expert-level developer if that's not clear by the complexity of my question and what I'm trying to do. Thanks!