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Export field data as a header for another field

Question asked by KrisYells on Aug 13, 2015
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Export field data as a header for another field


I am tracking letters sent.

In the first table I have a serial ID and various general letter feed data.

In another table I have a field titled letter category. I have about 5 different types of letters. The next field is a date the letter was sent and Letter specific feed data like amounts, date and tracking #.

When I export. I get the ID, Letter Type and Date on the same row in Excel. With the headers being the field names.

I would like the ID and the date on the same row. Then have the Letter Type as the header for the date column.

Example: I would like cell A1-"Serial" B1-"1st Letter" A2-"the serial number" and B2-"Letter Date"

and if my export has more than one Letter types it will continue to the "C" column with the date of that letter under the header.