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    Export Fields



      Export Fields


      I'm new to FMP.  I'm trying to export two lines for one record.  How can I do this? I've tried creating fields within the database as well as using scripts and can't get the separate lines.

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          What file format are you trying to export to?

          What would you expect to see where there are multiple lines in one field? 

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            Thank you for your inquiry...

            I am exporting to an excel file.  From one record in the database there are two address fields, the requirement is to have both addresses as separate rows in the spreadsheet.

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              The problem is that rows in your spreadsheet correspond to records in the export.


              I would assume that you would expect then that there would be no data in any other column of the second address row? That is just not going to happen with any export file.


              The best thing I can suggest is that the addresses are related records and that you export the address records with corresponding related contact data. Then you will get two rows with different addresses but all other data the same.

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                My apologies, I'm not making myself clear.  Let me try again...


                record: name, address1, address1



                name, address1

                name, address2


                I'm trying to get 2 excel rows from 1 single FMP record... yes?

                Thank you for your efforts and time. 

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                  To do this I expect that you would have to have your addresses in a portal (another table)- which in effect would allow any of your records to have multiple addresses - more even than the two you are currently allowing for - but thats a future plan for optimal design.


                  Right now, you could create a script that imports names and addresses into a temp table to contain names and address1 and another whip around would import names and address2 (if address2 is not empty) as new records.  Then sort by name (or your other identifier) and export from this new temp table for your excel file .

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                    Thank you.  It took me awhile to get the temp table together but once I did, it worked great!


                    Thank you for the solution... smile