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    Export FileMaker to Excel



      Export FileMaker to Excel


      Hi All,


      I'm still newbie with FileMaker and wondering if we can export the data in list view (including the layout and design) into excel.

      Because I need to present the report to everyone and it will waste my time if I need to re-design again in excel.


      Thanks in advance! 

      Hope anyone has asnwer



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          You can export records in Excel format.  You can choose whichever fields you want from the table of the current layout, or other related tables.

          You can set it to open the Excel file immediately.  You can export to other formats such as Merge (very useful) or CSV and then import that to an Excel sheet that has existing calculations, formatting, etc.  You can set the import to happen as a macro in the Excel sheet, and set it to refresh automatically upon opening.  You can set the Filemaker script to export the data and open the Excel file, so the whole data transfer appears seamless to the user, just one click,

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            Hi Ezra

            Do you neeed to export in Excel because others will then be using the data 'alive' in Excel - if you just want to present static reports, design your layout and export as PDF

            As Sorsbuster notes, all of these exports can be achieved using scripts - even sending PDF's out by email to your individual recipients if necessary