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Export from FM Pro 12 to "JupiterGrades" format help

Question asked by cmspe on Sep 21, 2012
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Export from FM Pro 12 to "JupiterGrades" format help


     I am a teacher and my school is currently using "JupiterGrades" to report our students' grades for students and parents to view online.  In order to keep from having to double enter all of our students' grades, I am trying to configure an export or save as excel spreadsheet file so that I can easily import into JupiterGrades.  However, I need to preserve the exact format that JupiterGrades needs in order to correctly import. I have attached a screen shot that shows 1, the JupiterGrades CSV format 2,  my CSV exported format and 3, my Excel spreadsheet saved format.  I understand that I may just have to copy and paste and then import into JupiterGrades, but it would be much quicker and easier, for myself and my colleagues, if I can export/save the correct format from FileMaker Pro 12.