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    export from two separate found sets



      export from two separate found sets


      I have two separate tables that are related by the person ID. One table tracks people selected for tasks in each year. The other shows these peoples' test scores each year. For the year in each table I use a year field and populate each with the same drop-down value list.

      What I want to do is create a found list for a specific year in the tasks table AND create a found list for only a specific year in the test AND be able to export only this data to Excel. In other words, all people selected for a task in 2009 AND all these peoples' test scores for 2009 only.

      Can I export two found sets to the same spreadsheet?


      Thank you.

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          Hi cactusem


          Is it the Player record you are trying to export? or the data from the two individual tables?


          If it is the data from the individual tables one option you could try is to merge the data in a separate table that is only there to stores temporary data, then export the full list in one go.


          So you have your find in both tables, run a script to go to a layout based on your temporary data table and import twice, once for each of the two tables with the date, then export the full set of date. And finally deleting all the records in the temporary table.


          This will work perfectly on a single user system, if you have multiple users accessing the same database then you will need to add extra steps to isolate the user of the record, in case more than one person runs the report at the same time.


          I hope this gives you some idea of how to do this, if you need any further details on how to go about it let me know and I can explain more.