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    export grouped subsummary



      export grouped subsummary


           I need to export a report with grouped subsummaries (without the body). What I need is the screenshot marked as "Filemaker Report", but the exported Excel I got is different (see "Excel" part). I would appreciate your suggestions very much!


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               Need to know a bit more about your report and the underlying data structure.

               Presumably the fields showing numbers in columns are all summary fields?

               Each row is a sub summary layout part?

               And also the parts with letters and nothing else are sub summary layout parts with a different "sorted by" field than the rows that start with a season and year label?

               What options did you select to export this data to Excel?

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                 HI Phil,

                 Thanks a lot for your response! Yes, the fields are all summary fields. The report is to summarize the number of students who scored high, average, and low in each of the 6 goals. The students are first broken down by grade and then by race(A means Asian, H means Hispanic, etc).

                 After I tried again without the "Grouped by Grades", it did work. Is that because I got too many layers?


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                   So you have 3 sub summary layout parts here, sorted by grade, race, and then term?

                   When you exported your data, did you sort exactly as needed for your summary report and then select all three fields in the group by box?