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    Export help



      Export help


      I am volunteering with a small nonprofit to help them transition from Filemaker to a new CRM. As part of this, I need to export their data into a CSV or Excel file.

      I need to either:

      1. Export data from all fields in their database - or -
      2. Create a unique indentifying code so that I can pull the data from the system in different spreadsheets, but tie the data together in the new system using the unique identifier.

      I've had difficulty exporting all data from all fields in one spreadsheet. As far as I can tell, the data can only be exported from a layout if I am currently in that layout.

      It also appears that there is not a unique identifier automatically created in Filemaker, this is something that I need to create myself.

      I would love feedback on how to complete either task - either exporting data from all fields in all layouts in the system into one spreadsheet that I can then manipulate OR help in creating a unique identifier field that will autopopulate the existing records.

      Thanks in advance for the help.


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          It would help to know more about your database structure. Does it consist of one table or many tables?

          You should really think in terms of exporting from tables rather than from layouts as you could have many layouts that all refer to the same table. Think of layouts as the method you must use to specify the specific "base table" from which to construct your export.

          What version of FileMaker is this?

          A properly designed Filemaker system should have a an auto-entered serial number that can be used as your unique identifier. If one does not exist it's very easy to add one. Look for a field (often has ID at the end and/or kp or pk at the beginning of the field name) defined to auto-enter a serial number. If you need to add one, just add a new number field and use Replace Field Contents to load this field with a serial number. (You'll need to place the field on a layout and then show all records first.)

          You can export data from the current layout or the current layout's table. However, most solutions have at least one layout for every table. If not, a new layout can be very quickly added for this purpose. You are not limited to the fields visible on the layout when setting up your export and you can include fields from related tables as well, though care must be taken to understand the relationships involved in order to get the desired structure in your exported data.