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Export many records to as many PDF files

Question asked by LouisDesjardins on Feb 21, 2011
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Export many records to as many PDF files


Good evening,

The save as PDF allows to either save the current record or the active records, any of which will result in one single PDF, one with one page and the other with as many pages as the active records (as a result from the search for particular records or display all records).

I can't seem to find the way to save as as many PDF files as there are records found in a specific search. I guess there must be a way to script this but I don't find the settings that would allow just that.

Here is the case. My invoice file has records that cover the whole year. I can create a search for each months and get so many records for a specific month. Then, I would like to be able to print all those records to PDF files so I can then send them individually to each of my customers. So, for each invoice, one PDF file. In other words, when I pick the active records option, I would not get a multiple page PDF but many single page PDF.

Help will be much appreciated!