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EXPORT multi tables to ONE tab delimited file.

Question asked by blewvelvet on Apr 21, 2010
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EXPORT multi tables to ONE tab delimited file.


So I've got a bunch of individual scripts which pulls various fields (in a specific order) from separate tables into a tab delimited file.


I end up with multiple files. One file per table/export


In the end..this is to IMPORT into Accounting software...and to eliminate having to manaully merge large amounts of data into one excel sheet and then have to run macros which insert a blank line in between each record..This line break tells the accounting program that it is to be treated as a new invoice/expense/job/deposit.


If there is no extra blank row break in between each record/line..the Accounting software  treats the lines together as belonging in the same document (for example ) multiple invoices...the charges would be put on the same invoice.


I would like to build a script which "holds" the export data in "limbo" while the others are compiling and export into one tab delimited file.


Is this possible?