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    Export only cases that match list



      Export only cases that match list



      I'm just getting started with Filemaker.  I work on a research study that has the data organized by subject ID.  Say I want to only export data for a select group.  Is there a way to give Filemaker a list of ID's and only export  the data associated with a specific group of research subjects?

      Currently, the data is organized (imported from Excel) where subject ID is the first column, and the rest of the columns are variables associated with that particular ID.  

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          FileMaker exports found sets so once you pull up the records you want in a found set, you are good to go for the export.

          To get a found set from a list of ID's can be done in one of two ways:

          a) Put such a list of ID's into a single field with returns separating each ID. Use a relationship that matches this field against your data table's ID field. Then the Go To Related Records script step can pull up your found set.

          b) A looping script can either generate a series of find request with one ID specified in each request or the looping script can use extend found set to find one record at a time and add it to the current found set. For examples of such scripted finds, see: Scripted Find Examples