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Export options

Question asked by benc.academie on Jun 29, 2010
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Export options


Last time i used FM was version 3 or 4 so it is a mega gap to version 11 :) I have a little knowledge with database (self learner) and i try to export records to a format that my other application (XMPie uPlan) will understand.


Option 1: Excel (.xls) because it worked well. Problem is if the first 8 records doesn't have 255 characters, it will truncate the following to 255 max.

Option 2: Tab-delimited. The only problem is that i need a header row with the field names. Is there a way to add that in a Tab-delimited export?


Some suggested to use MySQL but i don't even know what it does so i will not go there for now if a have another choice.