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Export order differs from portal on field by field basis

Question asked by AndrewSpringman on Sep 3, 2011
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Export order differs from portal on field by field basis


Please excuse me if this has been asked before.  I've been seaching and searching and nothing has hit the mark.


I've simplified the issue down to this:

I've got three tables: Persons, Groups and Enrollments

Persons have two fields: personName and a personID

Groups have two fields: groupName and a groupID

Enrollments have a roleName, a personID and a groupID (and enrollmentID, which doesn't come into play here)

I've defined two relationships:

groups_enrollments which relates group to enrollments by Groups::groupID = Enrollments::groupID

groups_enrollments_persons which relates group_enrollments to Persons by group_enrollments::personID = Persons::personID 

Then, I have a Group Layout which uses the Group table as it's native table.  It contains a portal that displays groups_enrollments::roleName and groups_enrollments_persons::personName

That portal works.


However, when I export groups_enrollments::roleName and groups_enrollments_persons::personName the role names and personNames are all mixed up


For example the portal will show:

Drummer Ben

Guitar Andrew

Bass Seth


But the export will show:

Drummer Andrew

Guitar Seth

Bass Ben


And we all know I can't play drums!


I've tried sorting, not sorting.  The Save/Send Record As works, but I really need export to work!  Any ideas?

Note: I've actually built the above simple example and it fails in the same way.  If you want to play with this example database, you can find it here: