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Export Paths

Question asked by MarkBanin on Aug 6, 2015
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Export Paths



Using FM14 on Win 8.1

I have container fields where each one contains a picture.  I'm trying to set up a local path that when I hit the export button it stores the Picture (using its original filename) in the directory without dialog.

Now it works OK If I use the dialog, It just means that the first time I export I have to specify the destination folder and then of course press Save to close the dialog each time.

This is the path I'm trying to use: C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\___ Temp Store

I've tried this: "file:/C:/Users/Mark/Desktop/___ Temp Store" which creates a document called "___ Temp Store" in the folder path: "C:\Users\Mark\Documents"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.