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export pdf ot desktop with field name

Question asked by willrollo on Jun 20, 2013
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export pdf ot desktop with field name



     Have now decided, as it wasn't really working (there were no spaces in script) plus the auto named folders may have created problems in the future if the related field was altered thus rendering the folder useless..
     So I have decided on a simpler idea which is just to export file (pdf) to desktop - the name of the file is to be sourced from existing data in a field. However, it doesnt seem to work - in other words when i run the script, nothing happens. If I use a normal name for the file, "test" & ".pdf" it works. However, if I replace "test' with my field name, it doesnt. Any ideas?

     Get ( DesktopPath ) &
     INVOICE DETAILS::Reference & ".PDF"


     I have copied this script into dataviewer and the result is unsure why the pdf is not being created...