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    Export Portal with Scroll



      Export Portal with Scroll


      Hi all, I have a layout (invoices) with a scroll portal. When there are more than 3 items included in the portal you need to scroll down to see them. When I export to PDF you just see what is visible on the screen at the time.

      How do I make a script to export (and display) all items in the portal in my PDF? The starter solution for invoices has a script which takes you to a completly new invoice layout. Is this totally necessary? Thanks.

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          Save as PDF only displays what you can see in Preview Mode. Export Records will export all of the values, but not in PDF format.

          So in short, if you want a PDF with all of the records then yes you need to make a new layout with either a very large portal or set it up as a list view of the child records.

          If you use a portal, you will probably want to use the sliding options in the Position tab of the inspector to eliminate extra white space at the bottom of your PDF

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            thanks, how does one do a "list view of child records"?