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Export Problem "Missing Record Terminator"

Question asked by rbrown on Mar 12, 2013


Export Problem "Missing Record Terminator"


     I'm running FMPA 12 on a Mac with OS 10.6.8.  When I export a comma separated or tab separated text file from FM and then open that file in Excel, Word or TextEdit it looks exactly as it should with each record displayed on it's own row.

     However, when that same text file created on a Mac is then moved to a PC and opened in Notepad all the records run together and do not break into rows with one record per row.  A receiving application returns an error "Missing Record Terminator".  See attached example.

     When the same FM script that performs the export is run on a PC everything works fine.  The delimited text file created from FM on a PC and opened in Notepad displays correctly.

     I've tried using different character sets (Windows - ANSI, ASCII - DOS, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.) but it doesn't seem to change the outcome.

     Any ideas on how to solve this would be much appreciated!

     Ron Brown