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Export problem with related records

Question asked by MaineSteve on Jun 24, 2009
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Export problem with related records


Hi all,


I've been using Filemaker Pro since before it was even called Filemaker 4, when IT Dinosaurs ruled the Earth :D  I'm just getting back into using FM Pro 7 after a long hiatus and am having some problems with the quirky aspects of how it deals with related records/fields.  I usually either figure out the right way to do it or bull through with a script.  However, I'm now stuck and am wasting hours trying to regain functionality I had and now lost.  I don't give up easily, but I'm really stuck.


I have two Tables in a single file.  One contains "header" records and the other table "entries".  A header can have any number of entries, related via the header record's ID and a matching ID assigned to an entry at the time of creation.  I have a layout using the header table which has a portal for the entries.  Everything looks beautiful in the database, so I know I've got the basics covered such as proper relationships.


The problem is when I export to a CSV file I'm only getting a single entry for each header record in-line with the header information (i.e. exported as a single record). What's even more puzzling is that it isn't the first one in the sort order!  Yet with the same setup yesterday it was (mostly) correctly exporting everything.  There was a problem which was explainable and when I went to fix that apparently I screwed up something else.  But WHAT?!?


When exporting the following things are/aren't happening:


1.  I am not using "Group by" function.  At least I never specified anything and when an option shows up I do not check it.


2.  All records in both tables are shown and are sorted according to the common ID number.


This should be a simple problem to solve and yet I've not solved it :(  Any help would be greatly appreciated.