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    Export problem.  Please help



      Export problem.  Please help


      "Apply current Layout's data formatting to exported data" has stopped working. It did work for me once without a glitch.  It does not matter what file format I try to export to.  It's as if the checkbox is being completely ignored.

      I've re-installed the program,  Started a new database, etc.  Created new forms, etc.

      File preview indicates the form should be all caps. The file even prints in upper case.

      I've tried EVERYTHING.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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          This option will not affect how the data is formatted, only in how the exported data is organized to match what's shown in your layout.

          If you want the data to be all caps, you'll need to either export calculation fields with Upper( data ) or use one of several methods to re-enter your data as all caps. (Replace field contents, looping script, etc...)