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Export problems with order and multiple instances of related data

Question asked by MaineSteve on Jul 19, 2009
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Export problems with order and multiple instances of related data


I'm having a heck of a time getting some rather complex exports to work in FM Pro 10.  The way I have things set up is:



-- Table 1

-- Table 2



-- Table 1


FileA Table 1 acts as the overall container for each uniquely grouped bunch of values.  It provides the overall structure for the export, with variable associated data coming from FileA Table 2.  That all works fine both on the screen and in the export process.  The problem is that FileA Table 2 calls up data from FileB Table 1 using an ID which is located in FileB Table 1's records.  This allows me to have thousands of entries in FileA Table 2 reference a hundred or so batches of data in FileB Table 1 without the sorts of problems you get with Lookup Fields (i.e. no updating).  In this case it looks beautiful within the database but when I export it doesn't work correctly in two ways: 


1.  The export order of the related items found FileB Table1 are out of order in relation to FileA Table2.  Mind you, it's all the correct data... it's just not lined up right.  While I am able to affect control over the export order of everything else, I've failed to find a way to influence FileB Table1's data order.  Not by sorting the file ahead of time, not by using the Sort in the Relationship itself, not by anything else I can think of.  Yet on the screen it looks and acts as it is supposed to.  Is this just a limitation of how I have things et up?


2.  Only unique entries in FileB Table1 are exported.  For example, if I have Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4, Item4, Item4 referenced by FileA Table2 it looks fine on the screen, but when I go to export I only get Item1, Item2, Item3, and Item 4 to show up.  That leaves two records in FileA Table 2 without data for that particular field.


Basically what I am asking for is Filemaker to export the data as I see it on the screen.  What can I do to fix this problem besides a brute force change (I have one in mind).