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    Export Program changes, not data.  How?



      Export Program changes, not data.  How?


      How can you export changes to an application in Filemaker Pro, send the file to another location without overlaying the data at that location?  I guess I could have the other location send me their current flie, make the changes and then send the file back to them, but I am hoping there is a better way to do this.

      Any suggestions?

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          You can set up a script that imports all data from the current copy of the file into the copy you deliver to them. This script can import from multiple tables and also update the next serial value settings of any fields that auto-enter serial numbers.

          You can also minimize the need for such imports if you use the Convert to Seperation Model. With this approach, you have two files, one contains all layouts, scripts etc and a second contains all the data. With this structure, you can send clients a new interface file and they can just replace the old with the new and not need to import any data.