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    Export recorded sound files?



      Export recorded sound files?


      A few questions related to FileMaker and sound files -  an answer to any one of them would be greatly appreciated!


      Is there any way to export a recorded sound file from FileMaker 9 (Mac or PC)?  (I've tried, but failed)


      Is it possible to open a sound file recorded in a Mac, within FileMaker for PC or vice versa? (Again, no luck!)


      I've tried to download recorded mp3 sound files via a script, but FileMaker can't recognize them as mp3 files. Very frustrating because I know FileMaker can handle mp3s.


      Thanks for any clarity!



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          No, you cannot export a recorded sound file.  You will have to copy and paste it into another sound program and save it.


          If you recorded a sound file on a Mac, it may or may not play on a PC.


          If you downloaded MP3 sound files, you insert them as QuickTime files so they can be played.  These can then be heard on Macs and Windows machines alike.


          For more information, please see the help topic "Working with data in container fields".



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