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           I maked a script that allow users to esport records (Boutton Export) (.xsl) from a list. in web browser, user can not export records , but he can send mail. Haw can I make a script to send mail containing this list of records , however , I want to make a script like the first one (in  place of export records , Send mail records) ??? and what configuration I must use of SMTP protocol or any other configurations?? Thks

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               The export record script is not available while using IWP ( Instant Web Publishing)  When creating script for IWP I'd suggest using the compatibility filter in the script manager dialog when creating scripts, this will ensure you are using steps available while using IWP.  As far as attaching multiple records in the send mail script I will have to take a further look into that unless one of the other guys on here has an idea how to solve that part for you.


               If it is only data from on record you could create a calculated field the formats multiple fields into one field and format it the way you'd like it to look in an email.  Note: send mail only sends text formated emails not HTML formatted.

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                 First, Thks you to take time to read and answer my problem.I understood that I can't use attached file in IWP! But I don't need to do that; I just have a script that allow me to extract records (.xsl) , But , In IWP we can't use this script, that's why I m searching fr a script that allow users to send mail containing records from the database and NOT from the records file exports. Can you understand me??