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Export records

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 25, 2012
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Export records & Template Word .DOC (



     I succed to export file and send mail with attached file "file.xls" ( export &send records in IWP with a scheddle script server); but I want to do the same thing foe "file.doc"!!

     Can I do some thing like inject exprting record in a word template?? or can I convert file.xlsz that was send with mail to a .doc template?? I have a 3 templates , and every record have a "Type" , when  record==typeA , that will be inject in the "TemplateA.doc"; if Type==TypeB, record will be injected in "TemplateB.doc" and if "TypeC" n records will be injected in the "Template C.doc".


     Pleaaase I asked for the best solution !!