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Export Records / Tab-Separated Text

Question asked by mattb on Mar 5, 2013
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Export Records / Tab-Separated Text


     FMP 11 Advanced, Macintosh

     I'm trying to export the contents of one field in a 200-record table to an ASCII (plain text) file.  It seems that Export Records / Tab-Separated Text is the only choice I can use to achieve this.  The file does get created and it actually looks OK both in TextEdit and in Word for Mac, but when I import it into the application of choice (Final Draft), it just looks totally wonky.

     Upon further review of the Export Records / Tab-Separated Text in the FMP help system, I find the following curious information:

Tabs in fields are converted to spaces.
     Carriage return characters in a field export as vertical tab characters.

     Yikes!  Both TextEdit and Word for Mac seem to handle this OK, but Final Draft is apparently expecting an absolutely plain-jane text file and unfortunately, the exported field contains both tabs and carriage returns, which I need to preserve instead of having them converted into something else!  This also explains the wonky appearance when imported into Final Draft.

     So...can somebody please tell me if it's possible to export a field fron a FMP table that contains both carriage returns and tabs into a plain old text file, with the CRs and tabs preserved?  Thanks...


     Matt Bloomfield