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    Export Records is greyed out



      Export Records is greyed out


           I am using File Maker Pro 11 to access a database hosted on a File Maker Server. I am attempting to export a table to a csv or excel file. I can show all the records in table format but the "Export Records" menu item is greyed out. Why is it greyed out and how can I proceed?

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               Not sure, but some thoughts...

               1) No User Privileges for Exporting data...

               2) No records in the Found set

               3) you are in a script with a PAUSE... Enter key to continue

               4) Server record on your screen layout  has not been Committed....

               5) Other users are using a record in you Export....


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                 How can I begin to narrow down the possibilities? I am looking a table view of a database and just want to export the records displayed on the screen already. There is no script running.


                 How can I determine whether the security permissions are set for exporting? Also, I completely admit I am a novice in the FileMaker universe but why would I not be able to export records that are being viewed by other users? I am not writing data, I am reading it just like the other users accessing the system. It just doesn;t seem logical but of course it is probably just the way it is.

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                   Describe your database. Is it s single file opened only by you?

                   Is it a file you created, a template file or one created by another person?

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                     1) Ask Administator

                     2) note if any part of the DB show Export ... as "active"

                     Record is being held....

                     1) No field on your view shows a "flashing" insertion cursor.

                     2) No user accessible to "change field" is on your view.

                     3) Why would you export a record that is currently being changed by another user.  ie., your bank account balance.

                     Script is in Pause, not running.  Hit the Enter Key to release a Pause.


                     I don't know.  I am just listing some things to try to help.angel



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                       This is a medical application designed by a third party. There is no one person that is the "administrator" of the database however I do have the administrator account and when logged in as administrator the export option is still not available.

                       The database is hosted on a FileMaker server and is accessed by multiple machines. I am simply opening up the database and then changing the view mode to table. I just want to export the data as the table into csv or something. I have full access to the Filemaker server if I need to do something there.


                       If I ensure that no other users are accessing the database is that good enough or do I have to shutdown the FileMaker server and access the database locally to be able to export the data.

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                         It may be the switch to Table view has been restricted.

                         Does the normal layout allow Exporting Records?

                         If yes....

                         Export from that view.  The found set of records will be the same and you will have control of fields to export.  Test that if possible.

                         Does your admin account show "Full access"?

                         Server access would not, at first blush, be the issue.  

                         This is very unusual, unless the privileges restrict you.

                         Final question...

                         Do you log into the server using "Open Remote..." and need a User Name and Password?


                         PS: no users would insure no records being active.  Make sure no fields ar in "Focus" on  your layout.