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    export records separately



      export records separately


      I have a data base with the following fields




      and so on


      I create a script where it found all the records from a specific category and now I want to export each row of data in different files, and each file label as the name field, thanks so much.


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          I don't know how much scripting experience you have but this can be done with a script. What you will need to do is something like this:


          Go to the first record


            Open a new window

            Show all records

            Omit record

            Show omitted (this isolates the required record)

            Set a variable $file to the path required and ending in the required file name (using the name field) 

            Export (using $file as the file reference) 

            Close the window

            Go to the next record (exit after last)

          End Loop


          This is not actual code, just the required steps but it should get you on the right path. See how that goes for you. 

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               Thanks ery much. Yes I do have experience with scripting but is my first time with FM. This steps help me a lot. Thanks so much for your input.