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Export Report as JPEGs

Question asked by jarvphot on May 6, 2010
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Export Report as JPEGs


Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a novice Filemaker user working with FM11 on a Mac.


I have an image database which contains basic information for my photo collection such as ImageID, ImageTitle and a container with a JPEG of the photograph itself.


I have created a basic report where I want to display the image with the ImageID and ImageTitle as captions, one photo per page. Lets say there are 500 images in the database, so the report would be 500 pages.


Here is the question. Instead of printing the report, I would like to export the report as a series of JPEG images, ie 00001.jpg, 00002.jpg, 00003.jpg, etc and save these to a specific folder. This would allow me to print a particular image's report on my high-quality printer, have them printed by a service bureau, or email the files.


Can anyone suggest a method for accomplishing this task? I would greatly appreciate any help offered. Thank you.