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    Export Script



      Export Script


           Is there a way to create an export script, that asks the user to provide a single parameter prior to the export.


           For instance I would like to export car models; however, prior to the export I want to ask the user what manufacturer I should export. Perhaps Ford, and then run again and allow them to select Toyota.

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          Home > Reference > Script steps reference > Miscellaneous script steps > Show Custom Dialog

          Example 1
               The following performs a search using a custom dialog box. The dialog box asks users to enter a customer name and city. The dialog box shows a custom title, custom text, and two input fields.
               #This script begins by entering Find mode.
               Enter Find Mode []
               #The custom dialog box solicits the name and city of the customer to be found.
               Show Custom Dialog ["Find a customer"; "Enter the name and city
               of the customer below:"; Customers::Name; Customers::City]
               #In this example, button 1 is "OK" and button 2 is "Cancel."
               If [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 1]
               #If the user selects button 1, the Find is performed.
               Perform Find [Restore]
               End If


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                 Continuting what DavidAnders has suggested....

                 Once your script has pulled up a found set of the desired records, export records can be used to export the resulting found set.