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    Export script exporting .CSV as .XLS



      Export script exporting .CSV as .XLS


      Hey guys,


      I'm having a problem, and not quite sure why it is doing this.  I have a script that exports records as a .CSV file set to automaticaly open.  It creates the file, but will not create the .CSV file, it keeps giving me and .XLS file.  If I manually go to File|Export Records and export as a .CSV, it exports it in the correct format.  Anyone know what may be going on?  I have checked and rechecked, and it is set to .CSV utf-8, I have even tried a few different encodes and the same thing.  I have checked my default program settings, and when I manually export it opens with notepad, which is what i want, as there are over 90,000 record which excceeds excell.


      Thanx in advance,