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    Export Subsummaries to Excel



      Export Subsummaries to Excel


      Hi all

      I have a report that's purely a subsummary and trailing grand summary.

      Sorts on one field and displays the subsummary totals correctly in browse and preview mode.

      However when I export to excel with Group by Sort field ticked all I get in excell is a row for each subsummary but only the grand totals in the first row and nothing in the rest.

      What am I missing here ? Can any one help ?

      Kind Regards



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          Try defining a calculation field:  GetSummary ( YourSummaryField ; your "sorted by" field )

          and export it for each group.

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            Hi Phil

            I'll come back to that and give it a go.

            As it happened trial and error revealed the issue.

            As you'd know Export has three boxes when grouping.

            Field to select, field to group by and fields to export.

            What was happening was that I was selecting fields to group by after fields to export.

            Curiously the Group By has to be selected before selecting the field to export. It then works as expected.

            Wasn't very clear in the documentation and starting with Excel Export from Prview mode is misleading.

            Kind Regards