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Export to .txt formats and include field names?

Question asked by RyanFishy on Oct 15, 2010
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Export to .txt formats and include field names?


Windows XP, Filemaker Pro 9, (i think still relevant to 11)

I want to export data from Filemaker Pro to a tab-delimted .txt format.  I have a large database and *need* to include the field names as the first line in the export file.  I cannot find a way to do this from Filemaker directly.  Filemaker exports to .txt fine but does not include the field names.

I have a work around; use Filemaker to export to .xls format. Click the check box "use field names as column headers" open the file in Excel, then use excel to save the file as tab-delimited .txt.  This works but is not ideal, especially as I'm trying to write a protocol that others will have to follow.

If this is possible in Filemaker 11, but not in Filemaker 9, that would be good information.