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    Export to Advantage 3



      Export to Advantage 3


      We have used Filemaker for our City Budget and load it to CGI Advantage 2 Financial via an export to an Excel .sylk file. We have version 10 on Windows. Now that the Financial will upgrade to Advantage 3, we are being told that it is not possible to upload the information from Filemaker and therefore we will be denied the use of Filemaker. Are they misleading us?

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          It will all depend on Advantage 3's import capabilities.  I don't know a whole lot about it...but one of the big "advantages" of Advantage is it's wide-range of export/import capabilities.  At least that was always my impression of it.


          Do you have a way to find out what file formats Advantage3 will accept for import?

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            I asked someone with indirect knowledge on the project, who said that it is XML with an interface using PDI. I am a beginner so I have limted info.