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    Export to Excel and Keep Field Labels



      Export to Excel and Keep Field Labels


      Hello - I have a report in FMP12 that I need to export to Excel every time. It's set up in table format and has several fields from different tables. When I export to Excel, it doesn't keep the field labels (these are set up in the header part), but titles each column (for linked data) TABLE::Field Name.

      Is there any way to export it without the TABLE:: data in the first row or to instead keep the labels as the first row header information?

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          No simple way to do that comes to mind. It can be done, but the options take some doing. It may be easier just to edit the first row after the fact.


          XML exports offer quite a few ways to format the data during export. If you can learn how to manipulate the XSLT "Grammar", there is probably a way to control what text is used for the column headers.

          You can import the data into a temporary table used only for your excel import. This table can have fields for the related data that are part of the same records instead of linked in via relationship--which eliminates the "table::" tags in the column headers. It can also have field names completely different from those of your original tables should that ever become something you need.

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            Thanks for your reply Phil - creating that temporary table might be the solution. I'll give that a go!